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Are you concerned about load security?

Are you concerned about load security?

ALC Logistics understands the profound impact that shipping scams can have on your business: costing you time, money, and material. Our AlchemyTMS software suite offers tools that help minimize fraudulent activities like double brokering and fictitious pickup.

  • AlchemyTMS’ Carrier Management Module retains carrier information, allowing you to vet future loads based on previous experience and interaction with carriers.
  • With AlchemyTMS Dock Scheduling, you know who is picking up a load and when; enabling you to easily verify driver & load information and avoid fictitious pickup scams.
  • Add an extra layer of security against fraudulent activities with tracking platforms such as project44, FourKites, and the ALC Carrier App; or with hidden-live tracking devices you place on each load. AlchemyTMS offers real time integration with these and other online databases and monitoring systems.

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