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Data Privacy Day 2023

Do you know who has access to your business data?

Every day, every hour, and every second, data about you and your business is being collected and stored. When this data is collected and analyzed it can provide valuable insights into your business. We would like to think this data is private, but how can you be sure when your software is hosted by a third party? Who really has access to your data?

You are not the only one asking these questions. According to the Pew Research Center, 79% of U.S. adults report being concerned about the way their data is being used by companies. In celebration of Data Privacy Day, ALC Logistics continues to recognize and support the principle that all organizations share the responsibility of being conscientious stewards of personal information. By being transparent about how data is collected and shared we are able to better serve our customers and the overall supply chain.

ALC Logistics understands the importance of keeping your data safe and secure. We are a division of the Allen Lund Company and we understand that you may not want a brokerage to know specific information stored within your transportation management system. At ALC Logistics, we have set strict guidelines to ensure your data is not shared with anyone, inside or outside of ALC, without your consent. With AlchemyTMS you own your data, so it is up to you who you share it with.

Interested in learning more about AlchemyTMS and how ALC Logistics keeps your data safe and secure?

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