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Since 2004, the Allen Lund Company has supported the efforts of Navidad en el Barrio, an organization dedicated to helping communities around the Los Angeles area. Started by former NFL player, Danny Villanueva, local Hispanic radio, and students from UCLA, their mission was to provide a robust Christmas dinner to families in Southern California. The past couple of years have proven to be quite challenging for most, but with great efforts, Navidad en el Barrio has been able to succeed with amazing donors. 

“Every year, we look forward to working with Navidad en el Barrio to collect, organize, and distribute groceries for families to make a healthy Christmas dinner. We also rely on our network of truck drivers to move the donations,” said Nora Trueblood, Director of Marketing at ALC.

ALC offices, departments, and employees participated in Acts of Kindess by volunteering to secure dry goods, produce, and perishables as well as, assist with the transportation of the goods to California for distribution via Navidad en el Barrio. Individuals from ALC Los Angeles, ALC San Francisco, ALC Dallas, ALC Phoenix, ALC Denver, TMS, the Accounting department, the CSC department, the Carrier Resources department, and the Marketing & Communications department donated their time and energy to aid in the effort.

Chelsea Champan, a Customer Service Representative at ALC, has been volunteering with the program since 2015 and shared her experience with the charity, “This year is my 8th year volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul for Navidad en el Barrio. My husband and two daughters have been part of the team and it’s become a family tradition that we really look forward to every year. It’s such a great program and so wild to see how everything comes together. We’ve done it all, from coordinating food distribution, packing hundreds of bags of food each year and distributing food donations to representatives from local parishes.”

“It is the most wonderful time of the year- and we are once again blessed to be a part of the wonderful Navidad en el Barrio project. ALC stepped up again and helped coordinate 17 truckloads of donated food to help feed 13,000 families. I am so proud of all our employees and vendors who helped in so many ways in this project that helps so many in need. Merry Christmas indeed!”, said Kenny Lund, Executive Vice President of ALC.

The Allen Lund Company appreciates our Navidad donors immensely and we thank them for their generosity in helping a great cause.

2023 Navidad en el Barrio donors:

If you would like help next year, please contact Nora Trueblood via email at