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Are you struggling to manage your LTL freight portfolio?

Are you struggling to manage your LTL Freight Portfolio?

Let’s face it, LTL is a very complex mode of transportation and not everyone can be an LTL specialist. Managing an LTL portfolio is one of the most challenging tasks in the transportation world. If you are struggling with reducing costs, managing your carrier network, and analyzing your freight spend – ALC Logistics and its AlchemyTMS LTL software can help you.

ALC Logistics helps you diversify your carrier networks so you have more flexibility of carrier decisions. All LTL carriers have regions of strength and weakness; so carrier pricing varies across the US. If your LTL volume is over 50 shipments a month, we utilize our carrier network on your behalf to obtain customer specific pricing – dedicated and customized specifically to your needs.

With our suite of freight analysis tools, ALC Logistics can compare your historical shipping data versus our carrier portfolio rates. You may ultimately find that a carrier with an excellent service record is a better option than a cheaper, less consistent alternative.

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