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Truck Load

Streamline Load Tendering

LTLSimplify and streamline the tendering and tracking of your truckload freight using our customizable truckload Transportation Management Software (TMS). Our software gives you the option to award a load directly to a carrier, create a spot bid that goes to your selected carriers, or use our custom routing guide feature to award the load based on pre-loaded contract rates. You can maintain both historical and current routing/pricing guides for all your contract carriers. Our software is EDI compatible and can be integrated with your legacy or ERP systems, thereby streamlining the load building and tendering process. Reporting is essential to managing your transportation decisions so we provide custom reporting solutions so that you can see all the details of your freight spend and carrier performance.

  • Automatic DOE Fuel Surcharge Updates
  • Google Load Mapping
  • Dispatcher and Load Planner Dashboards
  • Business Intelligence & Ad Hoc Reports
  • Load Tracking & Tracing
  • Carrier Performance Reporting & Analysis
  • Build and manage complex loads with multiple pickups or deliveries
  • Freight Bill Audit
  • International
  • RFQ
  • OS+D/Claims
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